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Being a leader in the concrete construction industry within Vancouver; we take great pride in the concrete projects that we do. Our concrete team strives to have a work safe environment, a clean and tidy yard, for you, our valued customer. Our team of concrete specialists are very efficient and skilled at constructing custom concrete , for your concrete projects. Architectural concrete work is our speciality, including concrete Driveways, concrete patios, retaining walls and concrete staircases with many decorative concrete elements.

Vancouver Concrete Contractors

We have a wide range of concrete contractor services

Our most common requested services :

Stamped Concrete

the art of imprinting patterns in concrete while in its liquid state. There are many patterns and colours to mix and match to make each project we complete new and original. Stamped Concrete is our most popular decorative concrete finish. The Price is determined by level of complexity. The least expensive have no colour and texture , to the most expensive having multiple colours, borders , designs with grouting for ultimate realism.

Vancouver Concrete Contractors
Vancouver Concrete Contractors
Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps

Whether front entrance concrete steps, landscape steps or structural concrete stairs; we have a set of stairs for your needs. We offer steps nosing, custom forms and finishes to create each stair to your desired tastes.

Concrete Steps
By the price per square foot concrete steps are the single most expensive part of a concrete project and we have the skill and experience to give you first class steps every time. Our Architectural Concrete steps are perfect for our clients who want timeless concrete creations such as our Floating Steps.

Concrete Driveways

Driveways are the most common landscape element we pour. Concrete driveways have many finishing options for from stamped concrete and broom finish to expose aggregate in light architectural washes. If you would like some green within your driveway we can create separations for grass or artificial turf, a trendy option on the west coast. Driveways are usually the single biggest investment of exterior hardscape and having a first class driveway will enhance your property value as well.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios most often have a decorative concrete finish and we are decorative concrete experts. The most Common decorative concrete finish is texture stamped concrete. That is in printing the surface with a Italian slate , rough stone , blue stone or other wanted finish. We then create a pattern and most often grout that pattern for added realism.

Concrete Patios

Concrete Demolition

most often there is an existing driveway, patio or walkway that must be removed before the new concrete can be installed. We handle any concrete removal we will saw cut and break and remove the concrete and dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner at some of the most reasonable prices in the industry.
Concrete Driveways

Concrete Walls

Whether it’s concrete planter walls, retaining walls or high end architectural walls; we can construct any type of concrete wall. Architectural concrete walls can be constructed in different ways to leave a desired imprint or style. Constructing with rustications/ chamfers leaves an interesting pattern. Cam lock or snap ties make another attractive pattern on the concrete walls, after being stripped and cement foamed. We use high strength mixes leaving little honeycombing and a beautifully smooth paper faced finish, on the concrete.

Additional concrete services:

  • Acid etch – a light profile is created most often on a smooth surface for grip.
  • Acid Staining – the concrete surface is colored with an acid stain. For customers wanting a rust, brown, tan, mahogany or color within that color range.
  • Acid Wash – highly diluted light wash with Muriatic or hydrochloric acid. Used to take off mild stains.
  • Architectural Concrete – This term is widely used, for us Architectural concrete is concrete that is a focal point of interior or exterior concrete. The concrete craftsmanship is of the highest grade and shows in an exceptional finished product.
  • Architectural Concrete light wash – The surface is lightly washed off to exposed the fines in the concrete paste. A modern new look very hardy in this wet climate.
  • Basement Floors – includes prepping and pouring of basements floor. For in slab heating we install insulation to optimize your basement slab efficiency.
  • Broom Finish Concrete – the most popular exterior finish in North America. A light broom texture is applied on the finish finishing step in air entrained concrete.
  • Concrete breaking and removal – we break and remove concrete for both residential and commercial clients.
Broom Finish Concrete
  • Concrete Column – Architectural concrete columns for residential concrete construction and commercial concrete construction.
  • Concrete Finishing – We finish a wide range of different concrete finishes with top quality results. From broom finish and float finish to Architectural Light Exposed and Texture Stamped Concrete.
Broom Finish Concrete
  • Concrete Pads – Shed pads, AC pads , parking pads. We supply and instal concrete pads of all shape sizes with every available finish.
  • Concrete Repairs – Concrete can often be repaired. Concrete Walls and steps are best candidates for repair. Concrete driveways , patios and other flatwork are the worse candidates for repair normally. Contact us to find out if your concrete should be repaired or replaced.
  • Counter Tops – Concrete Countertops poured in place with a variety of options. Countertops can be ground or not ground and a penetrating sealer applied.
  • Decorative Concrete – Decorative Concrete includes Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Acid Stain concrete, sandblasted concrete and Architectural light washes.
  • Decorative Concrete Saw Cutting – By simply adding Decorative saw cutting to a plain saw it can be transformed to a work of art with skilful saw cutting.
  • Excavation – we not only excavate our own work but also Excavation only jobs. If you only need Excavation no problem give us a call.
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete – is a popular finish in which the surface of concrete is washed to exposed the aggregate below.
Landscape Construction
  • Fencing – Wood Fencing is another service we provide on large jobs when dealing with one contractor is desired.
  • Float Finish Concrete – A popular finish when a float is used on the final finishing pass for texture and random design.
  • Forming – We excavate, and form all our concrete projects. Concrete forming is always completed by us and we do not use subcontracts for the Concrete Forming.
Landscape Construction
  • Garage Slab – Includes excavation, gravel base, forming , rebar and supply place and finish of concrete. Power Trowel Finish upon request.
  • Gravel – If you only want gravel for a parking pad no problem we supply and instal all types of rock gravel.
  • Grinding – Concrete Grinding is achieved through different grit grinding discs. A popular finish for countertops.
  • Landscape Construction – We do a wide range of landscape construction services.
  • Landscape Design – Landscape design services available through our relationship with other industry leaders.
  • Landscape Maintenance – We do basic maintenance services from mowing lawns and hedge trimming to irrigation repair and fertilizing.
  • Mini Excavator Services – for those tight hard to access Excavation jobs we had very small Excavators available.
  • Pool Coping – We instal custom pool copings with a variety of different concrete finishes and styles.
  • Pool Decks – Concrete Pool decks poured usually with one of our contemporary concrete finishes.
  • Rebar – supply and instal rebar for all our concrete jobs. We do not subcontract rebar installation it is all in house.
  • Saw Cutting – A means to remove sections of concrete without damage to adjacent slabs to remain.
  • Sealing – Concrete sealing services for Concrete Driveways , Concrete patios, Walkway and stairs. Various types of sealer for the required application.
  • Sidewalk – Concrete Sidewalks. Residential and commercial with a large variety of finishes.
  • Stamped Concrete – Designer Patios and Driveways made with interlocking repeating Patterns and textures. A wide variety of Colors and Release colors for added realism.
Concrete Stairs
  • Structural Slabs – Complete preparation including engineering of shoring for concrete structural Slabs. Rebar install and pouring also included.
  • Texture Stamped Concrete – Stamped Concrete that is textured only. Creating as little or as much design by saw cutting after curing is complete.
  • Trenching – Most often gas lines and electrical lines are underneath concrete and we can excavate and backfill to speed up the project.
  • Walls – Concrete walls on all heights, widths and architectural components. We excavate and backfill by request as well.
Concrete Stairs
Concrete Company

Vancouver Concrete Contractors

We are always striving to create quality projects,  in a timely manner at affordable prices. Whether you have a new build or are renovating your residence or business give a call today and work with Vancouver’s best concrete contractors.