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At Iron Trident Concrete, we are more than just a concrete contracting company; we are craftsmen of quality, dedicated to shaping the foundations of Vancouver’s landscape. As a family-owned business, we bring a personal touch to every project, ensuring that our clients receive not only exceptional workmanship but also a genuine commitment to their satisfaction. Specializing in the artistry of concrete driveways, steps, walls, and patios, and more, we elevate outdoor spaces with enduring elegance and functionality.

But our expertise extends far beyond concrete work alone. At Iron Trident Concrete, we are your comprehensive solution for all things concrete and beyond. From handling demolition services with precision to offering landscape design and excavation, we are poised to transform your vision into reality. With a steadfast focus on craftsmanship, integrity, and client-centric service, we stand ready to exceed your expectations, one project at a time.

Modern concrete floating steps

Our expertise is architectural concrete, and we have a passion for designing and building modern concrete projects such as concrete driveways, patios, retaining walls, and concrete stairs, all of which incorporate several artistic concrete components that exceed the highest standards.

Stamped Concrete

the art of imprinting patterns in concrete while in its liquid state. There are many patterns and colours to mix and match to make each project we complete new and original. Stamped Concrete is our most popular decorative concrete finish. The Price is determined by level of complexity. The least expensive have no colour and texture , to the most expensive having multiple colours, borders , designs with grouting for ultimate realism.

Stamped Concrete Patios

Vancouver pressed concrete

Custom Stairs Vancouver

Architectural concrete steps with railing Vancouver

Concrete Steps

Concrete steps can be the most stylish or focal point of your property’s exterior design. We can bring any creative design to life as concrete specialists. Concrete structural stairs, floating concrete steps, concrete steps with nosings, and concrete steps with lighting are just a few of them. While concrete stairs are most frequently utilised to get access to a front or back entrance, we may construct concrete steps for a variety of other purposes. Along highly sloping roads, to compensate for the steep grade change beside buildings, in order to get access to higher patios. Additionally, concrete stairs are available in a range of treatments, including broom (for grip), smooth, textured, and a light architectural wash.

Vancouver Driveways

Concrete Driveway Finishing Choices

Driveways are the most common landscape element we pour. Concrete driveways have many finishing options for from stamped concrete and broom finish to expose aggregate with levels of  light architectural washes. If you would like some green within your driveway we can create separations for grass or artificial turf, a trendy option on the west coast. Driveways are usually the single biggest investment of exterior hardscape and having a first class driveway will enhance your property value as well.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios most often have a decorative concrete finish and we are decorative concrete experts. The most Common decorative concrete finish is texture stamped concrete. That is in printing the surface with a Italian slate , rough stone , blue stone or other wanted finish. We then create a pattern and most often grout that pattern for added realism.

Exposed concrete with smooth concrete walls

Vancouver Concrete Projects

See Our Concrete Projects

This project, and more can be seen in great detail on our projects pages.

Structural Concrete Steps Vancouver
Vancouver pressed concrete

Photos and information about this project from start to finish are featured in our projects section.

Repair vs Removal

Grinding a exterior pad

When considering concrete repairs, it is critical to assess whether the concrete can be fixed, whether it compromises the structural integrity of the concrete pad or structure, or whether the concrete should be removed and replaced. As experienced concrete contractors, we will determine the best course of action. There are numerous circumstances that may necessitate concrete repair, including cracked concrete, sunken or heaved concrete that creates a tripping hazard, cosmetic repairs, or structural repairs. If concrete is cracked, the size and width of the fissure dictates our approach; frequently, the crack must be ground out before we can repair it.

Concrete Removal Services

Most often there is an existing driveway, patio or walkway that must be removed before the new concrete can be installed. We handle any concrete removal we will saw cut and break and remove the concrete and dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner at some of the most reasonable prices in the industry.

Vancouver stamped Mat Choices

Stamping concrete is accomplished by imprinting textures and patterns into wet concrete. There is a vast array of designs and colours available, ensuring that each project is unique. Our most popular decorative concrete finish is stamped concrete. The cost is decided by the item’s dimensions, style, and design. The simplest lack colour and rely only on texture, while the most costly use several colours, borders, patterns, and grouting to achieve the greatest realism.

Vancouver Architectural Concrete

Walls and concrete stairs with planting

Concrete Walls

Whether it’s concrete planter walls, retaining walls or high end architectural walls; we can construct any type of concrete wall. Architectural concrete walls can be constructed in different ways to leave a desired imprint or style. Constructing with rustications/ chamfers leaves an interesting pattern. Cam lock or snap ties make another attractive pattern on the concrete walls, after being stripped and cement foamed. We use high strength mixes leaving little honeycombing and a beautifully smooth paper faced finish, on the concrete.

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Acid Etched

For both aesthetics and traction, a low profile is typically applied on a smooth surface.

Acid Staining

To colourize the concrete surface, various coloured acid stains are used. Customers looking for a red, brown, tan, or mahogany hue will almost likely be thrilled with this coloration.

Broom Finish Concrete

One of the most prevalent treatments is externally Broomed Finish concrete. As the last finishing process on air entrained concrete, a soft brush is utilised.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops are hand-poured on-site and are available in a range of colours. Countertops may be ground after seeding the surfaces with aggregate. A penetrating sealer may be used for further protection.

Concrete Removal

To make place for the new concrete, the old must be removed. We remove concrete driveways, patios, and a variety of other concrete structures. We are equipped with the essential demolition equipment for the job.

Concrete Repair

On some occasions, concrete may be repaired. Structural concrete and walls, which are more expensive, are excellent options due to replacement costs. Smooth surfaces and driveways, on the other hand, are not. Let us ascertain which option is the optimal one.

White concrete offset sets
Concrete steps with nosings

Concrete Sealing

For concrete projects, we use the most effective sealer available. Acrylic sealers are the most prevalent kind of sealer, followed by penetrating sealers in terms of use. Concrete sealing treatment may be used on a variety of surfaces, including driveways, patios, walkways, and stairwells.

Excavation Service

Although we specialise in concrete work, if you just want Excavation, then do not hesitate to contact us. Hourly rates are offered for limited access operations using smaller equipment.

Garage pads

We include everything from digging to placing the gravel foundation to building the forms and installing the steel reinforcing to pouring and finishing the concrete. Insulation should always be installed when heated slabs are needed.

Grinding Concrete

Concrete grinding is accomplished using a variety of grit grinding discs. Countertops finished in this manner are quite popular. Additionally, we grind walls and smaller flatwork projects.


Yes, we can help you with your landscaping needs. We’ll build it, and then we’ll be able to maintain it. A complete landscaping service with parking lot cleaning services is provided in conjunction with or without our concrete services.

Landscape Design

Our ties with renowned designers and architects in the region and outside allow us to provide economical landscape design services.

Mini Excavators

Small excavators are ideal for confined spaces where larger excavators are inconvenient. So if you don’t want to spend your time digging by hand, give us a call.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Pool Decks

Concrete pool decks with decorative concrete or architectural concrete textures are often applied to improve the appearance of concrete pool decks.

Stamped Concrete

On our project pages, we go into great detail about how this process works in great detail. There are any colours and patterns to choose from.

Structural Concrete

Structural slabs, including the shoring engineering for concrete structural slabs. Additionally, the installation of rebar and the placement and pouring of concrete are all included in our Structural Concrete Duties.


Trenching, Gas and electricity lines are often required to be installed under concrete, and we may dig and backfill to expedite the process. If you want trenching and excavation services, we can assist you regardless of whether or not you require concrete services.

Front Entrance with black concrete


Concrete walls, particularly those completed in architectural concrete, are one of the most often requested services that we provide. Walls come in a variety of heights, widths, and architectural configurations. We are capable of digging, forming, placing, and finishing, as well as constructing the proper drainage system and backfill.

Modern front entrance concrete

Vancouver Concrete Contractors

We are always striving to create quality projects,  in a timely manner at affordable prices. Whether you have a new build or are renovating your residence or business give a call today and work with Vancouver’s Best Concrete Contractor.